torstai 22. syyskuuta 2016

Examining the active reduction of food waste among consumer-citizens

We have noticed that there are off-shore readers interested in our blog's topic! Here is some information about our research project in English:

"Wastebusters" is a research project which aims at creating new information about food waste reduction in households and finding means to avoid its emergence. The research group works at the School of Management at the University of Tampere, Finland. The project is funded by Emil Aaltonen foundation (2016-2019).

Food waste is currently one of the most impactful sustainability challenges. A surprisingly big part (approximately 40 %) of food waste comes from households. The food waste issue is not only solved by focusing on restaurants and supermarkets and how they aim at reducing food waste. Instead, we argue, normal people should be put in the center. We need  a better understanding of what happens in people's daily lives. Their choices and actions have an effect on the amount of household food waste. In the research project, we approach household food waste by using different perspectives. We examine the practices, actor-networks, and socio-cultural discourses through which consumer food waste is reduced. We also investigate new market systems and business opportunities emerging around food waste.

This blog is created in order to open up the research project for readers. We warmly welcome you to follow our research journey - feel free to comment and share our posts in social media channels!

- Malla & Ulla-Maija

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